If you are a new patient, we look forward to your visit with us. Forms are available for download. Directions are available from the home page. Simply click on the office you are scheduled at and a map will appear from where you can input your location and be routed to our office.

Your Appointment

Our practice is limited to diseases affecting the back portion of the eye, including the retina, macula, and vitreous. Our patients are usually referred by other physicians, but if you have concerns, please feel free to contact us.

A new patient to our practice will undergo a complete evaluation by the physicians and staff. A typical visit by a new patient will include a complete medical history and various vision evaluations, including pupil dilation, by trained ophthalmic personnel. The physician will then examine the patient and may order various tests as well as possible treatment. The length of the visit will depend on the complexity of the problem, but usually requires two hours.

Our practice is a major referral center for other doctors and patients with emergency problems may be referred to us during office hours. If possible, we will see patients with previously scheduled appointments first, but delays are still possible.

Pupil dilation is part of the examination and can affect driving. We strongly recommend that patients arrange for transportation after the appointment.


We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and quality care. If you have medical insurance, we will strive to help you receive your maximum allowable benefits. In order to achieve these goals, we need your assistance and understanding of our financial policy. Ultimately, however, any and all financial liability rests with the patient.

Our office participates with most major insurance plans. We provide medical and surgical ophthalmologic care to our patients, as opposed to routine eye exams. We do not participate with any vision plan. If you have a managed care plan that requires a referral to see a specialist, you must obtain a referral in order for your visit in our office to be covered under your medical insurance. If you do not have the valid referral and still wish to be seen, you will be asked to pay for the visit prior to your examination.

It is the patient’s/parents/guardian’s responsibility to:

  • Be familiar with the benefits of your plan, including co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.

  • Bring all of your current insurance cards to all visits.

  • Provide our office with current information including address, phone numbers and employer.

In accordance with your insurance contract, you must be prepared to pay your co-pay at each visit. If you do not make your co-payment at the time of the visit, you may be charged an additional $10.00 billing fee. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards for services.

We appreciate prompt payment in full for any outstanding balance. If you are unable to pay a balance in full, please notify our billing department and we will try to work out a payment plan with you. Any payment made by check that does not clear your bank account will result in a $60 fee, which will be added to your account and must be paid before the next visit.

For all services rendered to minors/dependent patients, we will look to the adult accompanying the patient and/or the parent or guardian with whom the child resides for payment. In cases of separation or divorce, when presenting insurance cards for a dependent enrolled under a subscriber other than you, please be prepared to supply their name, address, phone number, date of birth and social security number. We request that you inform the subscriber that their insurance has been used.

Patient Portal

Once you have set up your username and password in person at one of our offices, the patient portal can be accessed by following this link.


If you would like to pay your bill online you can use your credit card through PayPal, your PayPal account or mail your payment.

Please type your full name then click the "Pay Now" button. You will be taken to the PayPal website. We do not store your information on this site.